Established in 1991, Ab-Andish Company started its activity focusing on municipal and industrial water and waste-water treatment projects.

Company’s head office is located in Tehran and Workshop manufacturing located in Mallard.

Water treatment Project

Activities Field:

Improving & Developing Water Facilities. ( Industrial, Domestic And residential & sport Complex.

Improving & Developing Waste water Treatment Facilities. ( Industrial, Domestic And residential & sport Complex.

Filtration Systems. ( Sand pressure , Weight & Ultrera Filtration)

Reverse Osmosis

Design & built of water treatment tools such as softener, De-Aerator , …

Antiseptic Systems like Chlorination, Ozonators, UV, UF

Design and built of Oil & Greece Trap.

Water & Waste water monitoring systems

Aerator Systems such as Surface Aerators And blower.


Compactor Capability Sertificate

Membership of water & Waste Water Institute

Membership of mineral & industrial institute

Work Capability certificate


Malek Ashtar University

Khatamolanbia Hospital – Naja Bandar Abbas

Bfar Tehran- Anbaj Vally

Siman Bojnourd Company